Building resilience

Over the years I have found that there’s occasional moments during my career where I just don’t feel as resilient as usual and even if I changed jobs, that spark just isn’t going to return. It’s a frustrating psychological space to be in, especially if it doesn’t align with my core values and way of working. Usually when feeling this way, I would absorb myself in client work and stay away from any workplace dynamics that I am usually able to sit with. However, sometimes this approach doesn’t work as effectively and a new approach is needed. One approach that I find useful is attending conferences, not only does this give me my love of learning, but it also forces me into an environment where I’m surrounded by likeminded people. By that I don’t mean frustrated and feeling their resilience is low, but people who are wanting to learn and improve rather than sit around complaining with no productive outcome. This can be extremely energizing when needing to regain that spark, to the point where I don’t necessarily go to a conference that’s related to my profession, I just attend anything where learning and motivation is the focus of the day. A good measure of if this is doing the right things for me is also if I begin networking, which is kind of a main benefit of conferences, but the fact that I’m back in that space where I want to network and establish new connections. All this and more all contribute to rebuilding that resilience and maintaining that spark, so I highly suggest enrolling in a conference, my latest has been to book onto a local TEDx talk and I’m already benefiting from the thought of attending this event.

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