The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

(Bauby, JD. (1998). The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Random House: USA).

I first read this book when completing my undergraduate degree. My year group were asked to find a novel to read that had a connection to health and reflect on the content. I’ll confess how at the time I selected this book because it wasn’t too lengthy and therefore would not take up too much of my time for other areas of study. However, this practical approach to the task set by my lecturer paid off as the book really had an impact not only in recognizing the strengths and inner qualities of the individual, but also my personal biases. Initially I found the client to be really frustrating, self-absorbed and angry, but by the end of the book I learnt to sit with those observations and understand where they are coming from. This book had a true influence on how I am able to build a genuine therapeutic alliance and also sit with any discomfort or frustrations being felt by client and therapist along with recognizing and addressing them in an appropriate way. This really is a great book for understanding the deeper therapeutic elements of healthcare and would highly recommend it. The fact that I read this book just over 15 years ago and still think back to it speaks volumes.  

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