Urban versus rural environments on mental health

McKenzie, K., Murray, A., Booth, T. (2013). Do urban environments increase the risk of anxiety, depression and psychosis? An epidemiological study. Journal of Affective Disorders. (150) p1019-1024.

This is an interesting article that considers anxiety, depression and psychosis when living in urban versus rural areas. I found it interesting as there’s multiple factors to consider that may influence this outcome. One of the main issues for me would be that urban areas would have easier access to illegal drugs and people could therefore be more susceptible to drug induced psychosis which could skew the results. Along with this, was the anxiety or depression part of their psychosis or separate. Along with this, what was the personality profile and background of each person as this would also be an influence. Plus, the article didn’t factor in people that may have these symptoms but are not currently medicated. Although the article has its flaws and perhaps attempts to cover too many diagnostic areas in one study, it’s still a good prompt for future reflections regarding the environmental factors that influence our overall health and wellbeing.

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