Values and conflict

Every now and then conflict crops up in the workplace and the main thought that comes to mind during this time is the question of how I am going to successfully resolve the conflict. To do this, I have two main streams of thought, the first is asking myself what the common ground is within the conflict. As in, when there are two differing views, where are the similarities, so I can focus on that and build from there. The other thought is what values I’m working off when dealing with the conflict and trying to understand what values the other person, or people are working from. I really enjoy understanding my own values along with that of my team as It’s really helpful to understand how the team is functioning on the day, plus if my values are polar opposites to others involved in the conflict, it’s a good thing to recognize in terms of the perspective each person could be taking.

Along with understanding values to manage conflict, it’s a great area to explore as a team to find common values that are shared amongst your team. This can then become the common ground within your team and a way of re-setting when things may become a bit stressful. Also, when dealing with particular behaviours, it’s much easier to overt the behaviours if able to place an agreed word on the missing behaviours at that time such as respect, openness or supportive. I previously completed a task with a team of mine where we developed agreed values, I then made that extra step of printing the values onto coffee coasters so that the values were active and present within the team, rather than becoming a bit of an academic exercise that is forgotten about over time. Plus, any new person that joins the team receives a coffee coaster as a welcome gift. 😊

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